Vaginal Steam Bath

What is a vaginal steam bath, you might ask? It is exactly as it sounds, you will indeed be steaming your vagina, with delicious, herb infused water. You will likely love it.

Many women feel overwhelmed by the logistics of steaming at home for the first time so I highly recommend contacting me to set up your first steam in the office. After having one, you will see how easy it really is to set up!

You can use dried or fresh herbs; if using dried, you would use a cup, and if fresh, a quart. Some of my favorites for a steam bath are rosemary, calendula flowers, lemon balm, basil, marigold flowers, marshmallow root, rose petals, lavender, motherwort and chamomile. If using fresh, collect the plants with prayer and intention, remembering to ask the plant for support in your healing, and if dried, make sure to infuse the herbs with your intentions.

To make the bath, fill a large pot with a gallon of water, and then crush the herbs into the water, thanking them for how they are supporting you in your healing. Bring the water to a rolling boil for 5 minutes, then turn it off and let it steep for about 10 minutes. The fun part is figuring out a clever way to get the pot underneath your vagina in a way that is comfortable for you to sit for 20-30 minutes.

Steam set up options:

  1. Place pot in bathtub. With towel under sits bones, sit with your legs in the tub, and your vagina over the pot.
  2. Place pot on the floor in front of a comfortable chair or couch and sit on the edge with the pot elevated (possibly with books) to about 4-6 inches from your vagina.
  3. Get a milk crate, put the pot underneath it and put a towel under your sits bones.

Remove clothing from your lower body and leave upper body clothing on and sit over the steam for 20-30 minutes, meditating, reading or relaxing, and enjoy. The steam should feel warm and good, if it feels like it is too hot, then it is. Either let it cool for a few minutes or add cold water. While steaming, make sure to keep the lower part of your body warm by wrapping it in a blanket and wearing socks. Following the steam bath, keep warm and avoid cool drafts for 24 hours minimum. Many women see a change in vaginal discharge and menstruation following a vaginal steam bath. This is a healthy, cleansing reaction.

The best time to do a vaginal steam bath is just prior to menses or just after, but it can be done at anytime in your cycle except for during menses. We are seeing good results when women who are going through IVF do a vaginal steam just before implantation. Aside from that, vaginal steam baths are fabulous for any woman with ailments of the reproductive or pelvic organs. This includes, but is not limited to, fibroids, PMS, endometriosis, recurrent bladder infections or Interstitial Cystitis, difficulty conceiving or cervical dysplasia. However, for women who are having a hard time conceiving it is important to do the steams just after menstruating, as opposed to before menses, because technically, if she is trying to get pregnant, then she could be pregnant unless bleeding confirms that she is not. Steams are contraindicated during pregnancy.

If you have a question regarding whether it would be better to do a steam before or after your cycle, consult with an Arvigo practitioner.


About Chaya Aronson

Chaya Leia Aronson, RN BSN is a bodyworker, health and sexuality coach, dancer, lover and mother. Chaya believes that we source our creative, life force expression through our pelvic bowls and if the energy is blocked here, it greatly affects our capacity to be our full authentic selves in the world. Her passion is to support pelvic and abdominal health and healing. The main forms of bodywork she practices are the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and Holistic Pelvic Care™. Bellydance, contact improvisation and yoga have been the central core of her spiritual and physical practice for over 20 years. She weaves the knowledge she’s gained about movement patterns and body structure with her playful and intuitive spirit to support her clients in actively healing their own bodies and spirits.