Enjoy this sweet still story about hearts and souls.

In the past few months, I have stopped staying with my son in bed until he falls asleep. We lie down and talk for awhile and then I go downstairs and let him drift off to sleep. Last night, right after I said, “Ok love, I am going to head downstairs.” He said, “I always can tell right before you are about to leave.”

“That is because we are so connected,” I said.

“By a rope?” he asked.

“Nope, by an invisible string.”

“If it is too short, we won’t be able to go too far away from each other,” he said.

“It is an infinity string,” I told him, “and it always connects our hearts. We can be anywhere in the world and still be connected.”

“What if we are dead? Then our hearts will be dead.”

“Then maybe our souls stay connected.”

“What’s a soul?”

That was a tricky one to explain.

“Well what if a dinosaur chews up our soul?”

“Our souls can’t be chewed up.”

“Oh, so the dinosaur would just swallow it?”

I forget how literally children take things sometimes.


About Chaya Aronson

Chaya Leia Aronson, RN BSN is a bodyworker, health and sexuality coach, dancer, lover and mother. Chaya believes that we source our creative, life force expression through our pelvic bowls and if the energy is blocked here, it greatly affects our capacity to be our full authentic selves in the world. Her passion is to support pelvic and abdominal health and healing. The main forms of bodywork she practices are the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and Holistic Pelvic Care™. Bellydance, contact improvisation and yoga have been the central core of her spiritual and physical practice for over 20 years. She weaves the knowledge she’s gained about movement patterns and body structure with her playful and intuitive spirit to support her clients in actively healing their own bodies and spirits.