The Color of Your Menstrual Blood

Dark Blood Have you noticed dark blood at the beginning or the end of your menstrual cycle? Dark blood at the beginning of your cycle tends to be leftover blood from the previous menstrual cycle. Dark blood at the end of your menstrual cycle tends to be leftover blood from many moons before.  What is…

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Menstrual Products: Reviews and Recommendations

Which Menstrual Products work for you? It is one of my great passions in life to support women and other menstruating folks to love and embrace our wombs and cycles. One aspect of embracing our menstruation is figuring out what menstrual products work for you! Many people ask my opinions and recommendations, so here they…

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How do we father ourselves?

father archetype

How does a grown womban father herself? Many of us have done the work, or at least pondered the work, of what it means to mother ourselves. It is easy enough in that gendered way to imagine our adult female self mothering our child female self. I have never imagined how my adult female self…

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Herstory of Pleasure

Herstory of Hysteria Herstory of pleasure is ancient, but here is one tale to tell from the late 1800s. “Hysteria” was the first mental disorder associated with women. Symptoms of hysteria included depression, insomnia, lack of sex drive, too much sex drive (f*ck that) and “extreme” emotions. Ancient “Medical” Cures for Hysteria Hysteria was perceived…

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Pleasure is our birthright

pleasure is our birthright

Pleasure is our birthright, but our society often minimizes the importance and validity of pleasure and sexuality. My friend Levi Gershowitz, of Living in the Light, made this for me for my birthday this year. He told the story of how he made it, which involved a lot of hammering. While he hammered, he focused…

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