Reset the nervous system in times of collective trauma with these 4 elementally inspired quick rituals.

This tool is made with healers, mamas, parents, teachers and caregivers of all sorts in mind, and it is for all of us.  We are in a time when abortion laws are being challenged, and school shootings are regular events. These collective traumas impact all of us. They increase our personal stress levels. Chronic high stress can impact menstruation, digestion, immunity, and so much more.

In the face of these continuous collective traumas, we must have small moments and activities we can do to regulate and support our nervous systems.

This Free PDF Guide includes four relatively quick and easy practices you can weave into your life, to clear the energetics that cloud our capacity to take right action and be the best versions of ourselves we can be in the face of these wild times. this can only improve the state of the world.

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