Movement and Posture Play

How we posture ourselves in the world is a reflection of how we posture ourselves in our bodies. So much of how we feel and act in the world is an outgrowth of how we carry and move our bodies. The chronic aches and pains that arise in our bodies are connected to our movement patterns.

Many of our patterns have been ingrained for years. We might even notice they are similar to our parents’ postures or movement patterns. We often concurrently notice our emotional patterns have roots in those of our parents. It is all connected. If we begin to pay more attention to ourselves, we might even start to notice that when we feel a specific emotional pattern arise, our body posture and movement patterns respond to that emotion.

Drawing from over 20 years of yoga and dance experience, I have cultivated movement and posture practices to support deeper healing. Yoga and belly dance have offered me a doorway into self-inquiry that is body based and practiced through movement. Contact improvisation has taught me to move fluidly with others and finds my center.  The combination has offered me many insights into movement, posture and their effect on our emotions, our bodies and our states of mind. In addition to many years of dedicated movement practice, my personal and professional experience of pregnancy and postpartum greatly informed me of the specialized needs we have during this time. The information I have gathered about pregnant and postpartum bodies relates in surprising ways to how movement and posture patterns impact all bodies.

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How we posture ourselves in the world is a reflection of how we posture ourselves in our bodies.


"Over the course of our work together, the combination of Chaya’s bodywork skills and intuition and Posture Play practice realigned my posture significantly. My side profile is now visibly different, offering me greater alignment in my whole body. This has relieved me from chronic pain and allowed me freedom in my movement. <span style="color: #5c627c;"><strong>I thought I was coming to see Chaya simply for pelvic massage, but in addition to everything else, Chaya’s work on my hands and wrists made it possible to use them again with strength and agility, after weeks of daily handicapping wrist pain."</strong></span>

Mickayla Dilorenzo