Health & SExuality Coaching

Our relationships to our bodies and our sexuality are complex and often interwoven with the patterns of shame and disconnection to self that have roots in our childhood. I have noticed parallels in our relationships to food and sex. There are ways we use both to satiate an emptiness inside of ourselves and to avoid feeling our feelings. My goal in working with you is support your relationships to food, sex and love to be healthy and nourishing.

Together we will identify patterns in these areas and come up with strategies to make changes in these patterns that are supported and manageable. Through this process we often find places where there are nutritional deficiencies and where certain supplements or herbs can be helpful in the pathway to a balanced body and soul. Our goal together is to create practices and mindsets that embrace you as a sensual being worthy of love, pleasure, health and vitality.

I am experienced in the realms of polyamory, BDSM and LGBTQIA and offer compassionate listening and care for all expressions of gender and sexuality.

women sexuality coaching

What does a coaching session offer?

  • The opportunity to be heard and supported around your specific patterns and struggles with your health, diet and sexuality.
  • Strategies to make sustainable changes in these patterns in baby steps over time.
  • Practices to help you connect with yourself more deeply. The intention is connection with self, but when we feel connected to ourselves, we become more available for gratifying connections with others.
  • Judgement free zone to discuss your patterns and opportunity to dive into the roots of these patterns to make long lasting sustainable changes
  • Support to making specific dietary changes that will support your health and well-being.
  • Suggestions for herbs and supplements that will benefit your health and vitality.

I offer this work in person in the Pioneer Valley in my Northampton office and also virtually via Skype.



My goal in working with you is to support your relationships to food, sex and love to be healthy and nourishing.


"Before I found Chaya I was struggling with many issues related to menopause. My post-hysterectomy body felt dried up and tired. I felt shame and anger towards my body and disconnection from my body, my energy and my capacity for joy. From the beginning of our work together Chaya put me at ease and welcomed me and my body with kindness and without judgment. Her sense of humor, body-positive, age-positive and woman-positive affirming approach is a great antidote to body shame and disconnection. When I started working with her, I thought it would all be about bodywork, but it turned out to be so much more: body, mind, soul and heart work, too. Seeing myself through her eyes, I now feel that I am fundamentally whole. I've regained my agency and zip, and my body has awakened and come alive again."



I found Chaya after a LONG journey of finding myself. Western medicine had failed me and my uro/gynecologist recommended that I move into eastern medicine/shamanism to heal my vulvodynia. Up to this point, I had only ever had painful sex. With Chaya’s gentle presence, support and guidance, I reframed my sexual belief system and healed my body. Chaya offered me solace from my restricted stance on human sexuality. Working with her has been nothing short of amazing. My body literally restructured itself into a much more comfortable stance and I enjoy sexual vitality and vigor as I never have before. I feel blessed to have found her.